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Recent publications and conference papers on welding systems and apparatus

The Development of an industrial robotic Low Stress No Distortion (LSND) welding system
Conference: IIW International Conference High Strength Materials - Challenges and Applications, At Helsinki Finland, Volume: IIW 2015 Session 12 Transportation industry applications A
3rd July 2015
O’Brien, Veldsman, Baglee

The welding of sheet metal is often problematic because distortion of thin sheet is a common phenomenon resulting from the welding process. Current practice is to correct for this distortion using a variety of methods, which carry consequences. The application of local cooling near to a weld during the welding process, referred to as Dynamically Controlled Low Stress No Distortion, DC-LSND, welding is known to reduce distortion. However, this process is yet to be established in industry due to a range of practical issues. To promote adoption of the approach then it is desirable to have both the welding process and cooling on the same side of the joint. However, in bringing the cooling to the same side as the welding process then, in the case of Gas Metal Arc Welding, GMAW, the cooling must not interfere with the welding arc and shielding gases to ensure the quality of the weld is maintained. Configurations to overcome such challenges and establish weld process conditions for low distortion welding in sheet metal have been investigated. A prototype industrial LSND welding system has been manufactured and integrated into a robotic welding system, which has allowed single sided, high quality, reduced distortion welding in a production environment when applied to both sample and real component geometries. Results from early industrial trials, on samples and real automotive components manufactured from high strength low alloy, HSLA, steels, evaluating the system are presented and discussed.

The Development of an Industrial Robotic Low Stress No Distortion (LSND) Welding System
Conference: IIW International Congress IC2014, New Delhi, India
10th April 2014
O’Brien, Veldsman, Elmarakbi

Remote Fibre Laser Welding benefits when applied to leading edge chassis structural and suspension products
Conference: Light-Weight Technologies Showcase, At Warwick, UK
11th July 2011
O’Brien, Hewitt

The evaluation of remote fibre laser welding to replace automated MIG welding on automotive sub-frame assemblies
Conference: Industrial Laser Applications Symposium (ILAS) 2011, At Warrington, UK
16th March 2011
O’Brien, Hewitt

Remote fibre laser welding benefits when applied to leading edge chassis structural and suspension products
Conference: EALA – European Automotive Laser Applications 2011, At Bad Nauheim, Germany
10th February 2011
O’Brien, Hewitt

Fatigue life prediction in welded structures
Conference: NAFEMS 2010, At Oxford, UK
9th June 2010
Saraswat, Zhou, Uings, O’Brien

Patents: (O’Brien)

Welding apparatus comprising a weld cooling apparatus 
WO 2015193633 A1
O’Brien, Veldsman