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Who we are...

AMAP is part of the Faculty of Technology at the University of Sunderland and evolved from two previous University groups with complementary skills and knowledge across the automotive and manufacturing sectors.

The University actively wants to work with industry and that creates an exciting dynamic. Our vision for AMAP is to inform, inspire and innovate in Advanced Manufacturing, which we will achieve by being an innovative, accessible, and outward facing provider of support for industry. This will  be based upon the application of research and knowledge of Advanced Manufacturing regionally, nationally and internationally - adding unique value and excellence to differentiate and enhance the student experience, the Faculty of Technology and the University.

The University of Sunderland has the research capability supported by AMAP, and AMAP also have their network of industrial contacts. AMAP is trusted and respected by suppliers because of its neutral position. Our practice understands industry and we appreciate the challenge of the competitiveness within the supply chain. We are here to support businesses, large and small, by sharing contacts and best practice, providing training and upskilling of the workforce, plus carrying out research and then sharing the findings.

To find out how AMAP can help you or your company learn, adapt and grow, we hope this website gives you a suitable overview of the services, training, research and consultancy available.