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Low Carbon Vehicles

The University and AMAP have established a centre of excellence at Sunderland in Low Carbon Vehicle (LCV) technology over recent years. Our staff are active in a wide range of R & D projects involving, for example, electric vehicles, hybrid electric vehicle technology, fuel cells, advanced manufacturing in the LCV industry, lightweight materials, vehicle safety and crashworthiness.

The region has recently been recognised as the UK's first Low Carbon Economic Area. AMAP and Sunderland have been key partners in the region's pioneering activities in Low Carbon Vehicle engineering and manufacture. 

All our R&D projects are collaborative ventures with industrial partners. Although many are linked with leading regional companies - Smith Electric Vehicles are, for example, the UK's leading producer of electric vehicles - we are also working with industrial and academic partners within the national and international Low Carbon Vehicle community.

We hope that we have provided a range of information, useful links, funding opportunities and downloadable technical reports.