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Energy Project

The Energy project is a project to optimise the control of energy within series hybrid electric vehicles. The goal of this project is to end with a full series hybrid electric demonstrator vehicle showcasing new Power and Energy Management Strategies.

Part of this project is a PhD investigation into 'The Development of a Strategy for the Management of Multiple Energy Sources within Series Hybrid Electric Vehicles'.

The first phase of this project is two build a Matlab / Simulink simulation model, which can be used to test new theories. The second part is to test those theories in our proposed demonstrator.

The project is currently funded and supported by Comesys Europe as well as part of a PhD self funded through the University of Sunderland.

We are looking for partners to assist in building a full-scale test bed. Areas we are looking for partners in include motor and motor controllers, HVAC and auxiliary systems and vehicle design. These projects will offer partners the opportunity to develop technology and IPR should they choose to become involved.

Contact: Project Leader Dr. Dirk Kok