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Global Automotive Technology Exchange

GATE is a project designed to encourage and implement international R&D collaboration with the objective of increasing the national wealth of those countries engaging in the project.

It exchanges technology, research information and business development models for the mutual benefit of academia and industry in the various partners' countries.

  • GATE in the UK is made up of several partners. The project is managed by the University of Sunderland, who act as a focal point for all GATE activities. The work of the project is guided by the needs of the regional manufacturing base, in particular that of the automotive sector, who are represented by the various industrial bodies to which AMAP, and thus GATE, report.
  • The response of the R&D base, represented largely by the academic partners of the project, is managed via the GATE project and disseminated via a node known as a "GATEway".  This node is then attached to similar "GATEways" in Japan and the USA.

GATE is a Centre of Knowledge Exchange, HEIF-funded project and it builds upon the successful record of AMAP at the University of Sunderland.  
The project has been established to: 

  • assess the gaps in knowledge and capability within the UK
  • develop programmes of training, reach out and education to bridge these with particular emphasis upon the SME community
  • seek out and establish new knowledge to prepare the region for the demands of the next generation automobile
  • create an international network of technology transfer for the benefit of the North East to be known as GATE (the Global Automotive Technology Exchange)
  • create a Centre of Knowledge Exchange for Automotive Manufacturing to direct the flow of knowledge from this international activity.
  • accelerate the readiness of the region's automotive manufacturers for the challenges of the next generation automobile
  • inform the debate with regard to the regional manufacturing strategy.

GATE Partners

  • Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), Tennessee, USA
  • Durham University, Durham, UK
  • Teesside University, Middlesbrough, UK
  • Silian Technologies, Newcastle, UK
  • Automotive Dynamics Engineering, Bradford, UK
  • AIST, Japan
  • Jiling Institute of Technology, China
  • BIT, China
  • Liuzhou University, China
  • VIT, India
  • VNIT, India

GATE Projects


Photo Voltaics or Solar cells are rapidly being accepted as a realistic low carbon energy source. The project is working with ORNL in USA and AIST in Japan to bring low cost PV technology to the UK for manufacture. 

Low Cost Carbon Fibre

GATE has facilitated the collaboration with ORNL and several UK companies to develop this product. The project is led in the UK by Professor Alan Wheatley of the University of Sunderland. It is anticipated that this work will reduce the cost of carbon fibres by minimum of 60%.  As such, it represents a significant opportunity for UK companies to benefit from technology being developed overseas. 

Fuel Cells

Both Japan and the USA are committing billions of dollars to fuel cell research. GATE is working with international partners to develop this key technology in several areas and will be working with experts in Japan, the UK, Holland, China and the USA. 

Alternative Fuel

Alternative fuels such as bio-diesel are becoming more and more important. The UK is one of the leading developers of bio-diesel using vegetable oils. India also has a well established programme using non edible nut oils. GATE is creating a consortium of international collaborators in this field to bring the latest thinking to fruition and help to establish this emerging industry in the UK.  We are currently investigating the effects of running CI engines on 100% Bio-diesel blends with partners in VNIT in India.

Non-contact diagnostics

Used in patient monitoring, GATE intends to develop this technology for real time monitoring of drivers. It is anticipated that this relatively simple device may be used to help prevent accidents due to driver fatigue or medical conditions. Our partners in this project are VIT, India.

If you would like to find out more about the GATE Project please contact:

Mr. Adrian Morris
GATE Project Manager

Institute for Automotive & Manufacturing Advanced Practice
University of Sunderland
The Industry Centre
Colima Avenue
Sunderland Enterprise Park West
Hylton Riverside
Tyne & Wear

Email: adrian.morris@sunderland.ac.uk 
Telephone +44 (0) 191 515 2883