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Hypower Project

As the price of petrol soars, and concerns grow about the impact of car culture on the environment, a team of researchers here at AMAP have come up with a hydrogen-powered car which they believe is a significant step forward in creating a mass-produced green machine.

The team, led by Dirk Kok in partnership with the Centre for Process Innovation at Wilton and Lambda One Autogas at Gateshead, have successfully adapted a Nissan Almera to run on hydrogen, so that it only emits water from its exhaust.

The HyPower Nissan Almera was unveiled at the Partners4Automotive 2008 Conference.

This international event looked at alternative fuel technologies for vehicles and transport systems, giving local business the chance to see cutting edge developments from around the world.

Photo of the HyPower Team

Above: The HyPower Team at the Launch on 17th September 2008

For further information regarding the Hypower Project please contact: 

Dr. Dirk Kok
Research Fellow

University of Sunderland
Amap Institute
The Industry Centre
Colima Avenue 
Sunderland Enterprise Park West
Hylton Riverside
Tyne & Wear

Telephone: 0191 515 3323
Email: dirk.kok@sunderland.ac.uk