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LCV Fleet Monitoring Project

Sunderland City Council & University of Sunderland Electric Vehicle Monitoring Project

Local authorities and many public sector organisations are among the major purchasers of new cars, vans and buses every year and can have huge influence over the growth of low carbon vehicles in the area as well as used by the authority itself.

Sunderland City Council (SCC) operates a large fleet of diverse vehicles to assist with its delivery of services to the residents of Sunderland. Additionally, a fleet of Diesel-Electric Hybrid Buses have recently been procured by Sunderland City Council (SCC) and various partners and commenced operations in September 2011. The University of Sunderland operates a fleet of cars (including electric), buses and vans between its two major campuses and its satellite sites. 

This project will focus on monitoring the performance and operation of current conventionally fuelled and electric vehicles and the buses.

The areas of work are as follows:

  • Fleet Analysis and Assessment
  • Fleet Monitoring with Tracking and Telemetry
  • Data Collection and Analysis to Assess the Efficiency of use and charging of the fleets
  • High Level Analysis of Vehicle Costs and Environmental Impacts
  • Assessment of Maintenance Schedules for the Vehicles and reliability/availability
  • User/Passenger Satisfaction Assessment
  • Assessment of Fleet and development of Business Case for Fleet Improvement

The project will be supported by Sunderland City Council, The University of Sunderland and Nexus.

For more information please contact Dr. Mike Knowles michael.knowles@sunderland.ac.uk