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Process & Productivity Improvement

Process and Productivity Improvement, done well, can provide a powerful boost to your bottom line.

AMAP takes a holistic approach to improving processes and productivity. This allows us to quickly identify the interrelatedness of an organisation's processes and create solutions that increase productivity and profitability for the long-term.

We believe that making process and productivity improvement part of your organisational culture is critical to sustaining a competitive advantage. We also believe to achieve that goal, your organization must own the improvement and innovation process.

AMAP have established the North East Productivity Forum for manufacturing companies to meet and discuss productivity improvements in a non-competitive forum.  The forum is designed to allow like-minded organizations to meet and exchange best practice in order to learn from one another’s experience.

Meeting on a quarterly basis, it is intended that each event will discuss different topics with, wherever possible, live demonstrations of innovations and improvements made by member companies.

Thus the NEPF aims to:

  • Provide access to networking opportunities with local, national and international companies
  • Acquire and share knowledge on best practice tools and techniques in productivity to improve efficiency
  • Share insights on the challenges faced by companies on their pathway to improve productivity

In a recent NECC quarterly survey, 35% of manufacturing businesses reported that they were at full capacity. At the same time these businesses indicated that they were under severe cash flow and price pressure. By addressing productivity and process this may allow companies to:

  • Increase Output
  • Increase Sales
  • Reduce Costs while improving profitability

Examples AMAP has worked with local manufacturers on include:

  • Modern tooling which can reduce cycle times by 20%
  • Novel manufacturing processes which can cut assembly operations
  • Using software to manage production and keep machines loaded
  • Increase Sales through improved customer confidence by improved inventory control or schedule adherence
  • Reduced downtime through effective maintenance
  • Application of key tools and techniques
  • Training and deployment of best practice and methodologies such as Lean, FMEA, Problem Solving etc.