University of Sunderland Formula Student

Welcome to Sun Racing

Racing car at Silverstone in 2018¿

Sun Racing Team at Silverstone: July 2018

We are an enthusiastic, determined Motorsport team from the University of Sunderland.

Our goal is to design, build, test and race a single seater race car. We take part in an international engineering competition at Silverstone every year called Formula Student.

At this competition we must adhere to strict guidelines set by the organizers. The competition encourages many different skills and talents. These include engineering; management, production, administration, accounting, marketing, advertising, public relations as well as team work and co-operation. It is ideal for helping to prepare for life after university in any career path. We welcome all not just engineers but anyone who has any interest in race cars or wishes to improve.

Sun Racing logoWe are always looking inward to improve not only the car but ourselves. The prospects and skills of our team and members that will enable a strong and successful future as possible have solid foundations. This team has a very bright future with support not only from the University of Sunderland but also from the Institute for Automotive and Manufacturing Advanced Practice (AMAP). 2018 Sun Racing Car

To make it on the track is our main goal and is a prestigious achievement. The fact that it is at such a location at Silverstone is incredible and we will be competing with our latest design at the event. It's the first chance we'll get to be involved and experience a major motorsport event on this scale. Sun Racing was originally founded in 2003 and we have been striving to improve ever since.

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