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Process Development & Simulation

Simulation is a powerful tool for visualising processes in a dynamic manner.

Unlike spreadsheets or flow charts, the ability to actually see a process in operation is often invaluable. Modern simulation packages allow companies to build 3D models of their production process using a variety of resources such as CAD models of the production area, models of the actual machine and the simulation programs own library of equipment and personnel.  

These can be set up to interact based upon data provided from the real process or a similar process that is being used to provide the baseline for the proposed production process.  The information obtained as a result of this can lead to the avoidance of costly mistakes and inefficient processes.

AMAP is currently working with City Hospital Sunderland to assist them in the design of new facilities and avoid penalties associated with missing key targets. Working with partners such as Saker Solutions, AMAP is able to offer clients simulation support to design and/or improve production flow and processes.